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Falling Towards Apotheosis (Foxtrot Tango Alpha, or F.T.A. for short) has been a pet project of mine for approximately 2 3 years now. Prior to the release of D&D 4th Edition, my friends and I created a d20 Modern game which we named A.E.G.I.S. versus The HIVE. Clicking on the link will take you to our old blog page and give some insight into a few of the characters we ran. It was our homage to G.I. Joe and Command & Conquer (and other various modern-day military/urban fiction).

As 4th Edition came, AEGIS vs HIVE went towards the back of the shelf. As I’ve seemingly always felt more attuned towards the modern setting than fantasy setting (unless it’s modified, ie: steampunk), I made a pact that I would develop and GM a follow-up campaign for this game. What you will find within is the culmination of my time spent tinkering on this huddled in my cubicle/office at work, in the margins of my notes at class, the scribblings in my notebook while travelling, the attempts at sketching new and innovative characters/technology, and the labourious typing into a word processor. Basically, enjoy.

So without further ado, pack up your gear and fall in!

Falling Toward Apotheosis

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