A.E.G.I.S. assault specialist


Vital Statistics:


Personnel Dossier:

Codename: BOUDICA
Name: Gwynn Ifans
Occupation: supermodel, A.E.G.I.S. assault specialist
Nationality: Welsh
Age: 26

Appearance: A strikingly curvy six-foot redhead with sharp features, close-cropped hair, and an earthy, ribald demeanor. Dresses fashionably in civilian life; on an operation, favors black leather under a brown biker jacket.

Biography: Born in a small town outside Cardiff to an Irish linguist and a Welsh historian, Gwyn Ifans was raised on the stories and songs of the old British Isles; her mother’s Gaelic was spoken in the household as often as English. When, at twelve, her parents’ marriage begain failing, she chanelled her anger by joining a martial arts dojo and taking up archery. She left the house at fifteen for Manchester, but modeling for tabloids and swimsuit magazines kept a roof over her head and paid for some irregular college attendance. At nineteen, having made contacts and turned heads in the world of archery, she was made an alternate on the UK Olympic team. During the infamous terrorist attack on that year’s Games, she apprehended two fleeing suspects with well-placed shots. This attracted the attention, both professional and otherwise, of an MI-6 colonel on the scene, and upon her return to the UK they began dating and he brought her on as a part-time “asset.” After supplying the ministry with useful intelligence gleaned in the jet-setting fashion world, her name came up as a possible candidate for A.E.G.I.S. training.

Skills and interests: Besides being an Olympic-level archer, Boudica holds black belts in two separate martial arts disciplines as well as a clutch of military certifications, including a pilots’ license. Away from A.E.G.I.S., she retains her lifelong love of history and mythology. Her years in Manchester, however, left her with a passion not for Kate Bush or Clannad, but drum’n’bass – the louder the better. She also drinks in heroic quantities and has put many larger, older A.E.G.I.S. agents under the table.

Psych Profile: Intelligent and perceptive, but with lingering issues about men and relationships left over from her parents’ divorce, and likely exacerbated by her day job. For the most part disciplined and self-reliant, but tends to push herself too hard and then overcompensate with hard partying. MI-6 tox screens in the past tested slightly positive for both MDMA and cocaine, and she is a moderate to heavy drinker, but thus far her indulgence does not appear to impinge on her operational effectiveness.


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