Bodyguard and A.E.G.I.S. consultant on personal protection


Vital Statistics:


Personnel Dossier:

Codename: BUNKER
Name: Clark Connors
Occupation: former U.S. Army Ranger, current bodyguard and A.E.G.I.S. consultant on personal protection
Nationality: American
Age: 34

Appearance: Described by a colleague as being “built like an Abrams tank, only less huggable.” At six-foot-five and 280 lbs. of lean muscle, Bunker towers over almost all other members of A.E.G.I.S. and has a grim, businesslike demeanor that many find unnerving. Shaved bald, with some Celtic-style tattoos visible around the neck, Bunker nevertheless favors well-cut suits whenever possible, although he dons full S.W.A.T. incursion gear, airbrushed with similar Celtic designs, for the most dangerous A.E.G.I.S. ops. He moves slightly slowly and ponderously, the result of a gunshot to the leg received while protecting a client several years back.

Biography: Growing up in suburban Massachusetts, the son of a pair of trial lawyers (one white, one black), Clark Connors excelled both in school and varsity sports, though to everyone’s surprise he favored soccer over football. Attending Boston University for pre-law, he left before moving on to law school and enlisted in the Army instead, serving in the personal retinue of a general assigned to the Middle East, where he learned the fundamentals of executive security and earned the nickname “Bunker.” After receiving an honorable discharge, Connors took his skills to Hollywood, where his business acumen and erudite, professional demeanor helped him build a world-class bodyguarding career in short order. When Connors was shot defending a pop star from a crazed fan, and the star (who had lost much of her fortune to drugs and a well-publicized divorce) was unable or unwilling to pay for the extensive surgery and hip replacement he needed, Colonel Thomas Union stepped in and offered Bunker reactivation, a promotion, and a position as head of A.E.G.I.S.’s personal protection staff.

Skills and interests: Bunker has risen to become one of America’s foremost professional bodyguards, owing both to his physicality and his sharp intellect – he is skilled both at anticipating threats and planning around them, as well as improvising responses to the unanticipated ones. In his personal life, he is an avid reader of nonfiction and has recently taken up watercolor painting as a form of stress relief.

Psych Profile: Though Bunker presents an unwelcoming, dangerous manner, this is largely a deliberate, professional choice to aid the performance of his job; in private, while he is not naturally gregarious, he is thoughtful, generous, and intensely loyal to people who have earned his respect. It is possible that this could prove to be a disadvantage should Connors ever be forced to choose between following orders and helping a friend.


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