A.E.G.I.S. field specialist


Vital Statistics:


Personnel Dossier:

Codename: HIGHBALL
Name: Simon Llewellyn
Occupation: RCAF paratrooper and A.E.G.I.S. field specialist
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 33

Appearance: Tall, blond, toned, and with an intense, piercing stare, but affable and approachable when in a good mood. A clothes-horse; spends a lot of money on tailored suits and takes good care of them. Still likes to dress well even on operations, favoring fitted shirts and khaki pants whenever possible.

Biography: Born to lower-middle-class parents in Edmonton, Alberta, Simon Llewellyn did well in school but still displayed a somewhat roguish streak – obsessed with maintaining his elderly vintage car, Llewellyn earned money extralegally by pool hustling, gambling and running book on his peers’ illegal street races, and selling liquor and cheat sheets to classmates. Likeable but deeply private, he remained on the outside of most of his classmate’s more attention-getting activities, and was smart enough never to be formally charged and only rarely caught; a handful of school disciplinary slips are the only hard clues to these youthful indiscretions. To pay his way through college, Llewellyn joined the RCAF reserves; then, dissatisfied during his junior year, he quit college (a breakup with a girlfriend, rumored to be pregnant, may also have contributed to this decision) and had his reserve officer, whom he had befriended, pull strings to get him into officer’s training school. Initially attached to the paratroopers, Llewellyn was later moved to the military police, where he displayed a knack for investigative work. His almost singlehanded takedown of a sophisticated theft operation run out of a remote mountain base got the attention of the brass, and when Canada was asked to submit a list of personnel for consideration for A.E.G.I.S. his name was on the list.

Skills and interests: A skilled manipulator with a gift for getting people – especially women – to say and do more than they meant to, Llewellyn also has a meticulous attention to detail that has enabled him to both catch, and create, the most elaborate forgeries, and that also likely comes in handy with keeping his lies straight in his head. That, and his private nature, have worked to his advantage at A.E.G.I.S., where he is expected to maintain cover with little contact with, or support from, his fellows. Llewellyn has maintained his youthful love of motors into adulthood and currently owns and maintains several vintage models. He also seems to have taken to his new upward mobility with relish, cultivating impeccable tastes in fine dining, wine, clothes, and music.

Psych Profile: A textbook example of a mostly-benign sociopath, Simon Llewellyn has a savant’s gift for using and manipulating people while at the same time being also apparently utterly unable to meaningfully relate to them. This is supported by the anecdotal evidence: people who speak to Llewellyn report finding him either intensely charming and interesting, or cold, sardonic, and distant. He lives off-base and has little use for fellow A.E.G.I.S. personnel, except perhaps as sex objects, though this has not yet been a problem at work – human resources at the Ziggurat apparently make a habit of warning new women off him in a casual, off-the-books fashion.


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