Official name: Allied Extra-Governmental Incursion Security

Leaders: Colonel Thomas Union

Membership: classified, estimated at ~10,000 active-duty personnel, however that estimate as made prior to UN downsizing.


Legal status: publicly-acknowledged joint venture between the G-7 nations, NATO, and private foundations

Founding date: 1991 (unofficially), 2002 (officially)

History: Founded at the end of the Cold War as a top-secret pilot project for a global anti-terror force, AEGIS was fully-funded and commissioned in the chaos following the 9/11 attacks and given a broad mandate to pursue both the perpetrators of those attacks and combat the rising wave of super-terror, including the waxing strength of H.I.V.E.

Well-funded, well-armed and eminently professional, AEGIS has, with the help of the urbane, diplomatic Col. Union, earned the trust of many nations the world over, who have allowed the organization unprecedented license to operate on their sovereign soil. Along with a vast global network of expert consultants who can be activated at a moment’s notice, AEGIS also occasionally turns to trusted members of the superhero community to back up highly dangerous operations, although relations are sometimes frosty between the “amateurs” and “professionals.”


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