Guanghua Island

Coordinates: 38.851053, 121.623612

Legal status: Classified/Re-Education Lab

Group affiliation: People’s Republic of China


The Guanghua Re-Education Lab is located underneath the seemingly innocent border facility on Guanghua Island, just South-East of Dalian, China. On the surface, the border facility appears as just a watch station for the port of Dalian, as well as a surveillance post of the international waters of neighbouring North and South Korea.

However, thermo-graphic satellite imaging reveals that there are large caverns below the surface of the small island. The two caverns appear to be a submarine docking facility and a laboratory/barracks facility.

The Guanghua Re-Education Lab is a secret facility that is under the command of the PLA General Jin Fei Lim. The political prisoners are rumoured to be brought to the secret underground facility via submarine to keep hidden from spy satellites.

According to the Chinese PLA records, Guanghua Island is the location to send aggressive political prisoners and dissidents for re-education, as it can be kept secret from the rest of the world and the Chinese public. Guanghua has been in service to the PLA since its inception in May 1963, when its first occupants were prisoners of the Cultural Revolution. While Guanghua saw less use after the Cultural Revolution, it continued to remain a secret “black ops” site and was reconfigured to act as an access point in the Eastern Asia domain, largely concerned with monitoring and hacking data systems of the Koreas, Japan, and Taiwan. During this reconfiguration, Guanghua continued to keep its status of being the place where the toughest prisoners are sent.

N korea dalian
Dalian guanghua
Guanghua island surface
Guanghua island udrgrnd

Guanghua Island

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