Modified Rule System:

  1. The general NPC/PC is usually a regular person (i.e.: no super-powers).
  2. The technology of the setting is essentially equal to our own (with some exception towards HIVE/AEGIS, as they have resources that set them above national governments).
  3. The game was setup to allow players to select team members from an available list of PCs as the players deemed useful based upon the mission briefing. In this way, we usually have many more PCs than players.
  4. Both sides (AEGIS & HIVE) seem to have an unlimited supply of recruits/minions (respectively). Whether the players will have access to support/reinforcement NPCs is dependent upon the GM’s discretion and as the mission parameters allow.
  5. When in doubt, follow the Rule of Cool and/or Rule of Fun.
  6. GMs must be willing to follow the Cardinal Rule of DM/GMing. (Also remember to reserve the right.)

Character Creation Rules

A Note About the System:

The game was originally created using the d20 Modern system. As this system still works, concerns about my fellow players being able to adjust back to an essentially 3rd Edition system from playing 4th Edition worried me. I had an idea of trying to translate the game to the Star Wars Saga system. Now my friends and I have happened upon the Mutants & Masterminds system and it seems to work particularly well, especially for speeding up battles. Currently, I’m keeping it listed as working off of the d20 Modern system.


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